The California Community College Chancellor’s Office allocates Strong Workforce grant funding for CTE programs to each college district based on a legislatively-determined formula. The purpose of the Strong Workforce funding is to improve CTE program outcomes including increased completions of certificates and transfers, increased employment opportunities including increased earnings, and increased access to programs for economically disadvantaged students. Each institution is required to utilize these funds according to legislatively-determined criteria.


The Strong Workforce Advisory Committee (SWAC) operates as a subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC), to ensure faculty, staff, and student involvement in recommending Strong Workforce grant funding and resources for all eligible CTE programs. SWAC makes recommendations to PRAC regarding all grant proposals and funding allocations for Regional and Local Strong Workforce Applications. The committee also provides timely and transparent updates to the college community.


  • Build awareness of the Strong Workforce program and provide transparent updates on all Strong Workforce projects, including student success metrics.
  • Convene CTE faculty to identify funding opportunities that are in alignment with the Strong Workforce mission, formula, criteria, and local and regional labor market needs.
  • Develop, review, and communicate timeline, guides, forms, and recommendations.
  • Establish appropriate timelines and processes to complete local and regional applications for recommended projects.
  • Make recommendations to PRAC for proposal funding while working collaboratively with Union District Workload Committee (UDWC) on any grant proposal involving faculty workload.
  • In coordination with the Workforce Department, review that stated project goals are being met.
  • Annually evaluate performance of all Strong Workforce projects and make recommendations to PRAC based on findings.


Six (6) faculty appointed by the Academic Senate:

  • Four faculty members from CTE disciplines;
  • one counseling faculty;
  • and one non-CTE faculty (one representative of CTE faculty from every CTE Division including Career Education, Business, Early Childhood Education, and Allied Health).

Two (2) classified professionals appointed by the Classified Professional Liaison Committee (CPLC)

Two (2) students appointed by the Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) 

Two (2) administrators:

  • Director of Workforce Programs
  • and one at large Administrator appointed by the Superintendent/President.

The CTE Workforce Specialist serves as a non- voting resource.



  • Mark Barrall, Faculty, Automotive Technology and Electronics
  • Wende Bohlke, Faculty, Program Coordinator, Registered Dental Assisting
  • Gina Cullen, Faculty, Counselor, Chair, Counseling Department
  • Nancy Willet, Faculty, Business Information Systems


  • Cari Torres-Benavides, Assistant Vice President for Instructional Support
  • Katheryn Horton, Director of Workforce


  • Dolores Salazar, COM Student


  • Alexander Jones, Internship Coordinator
  • Melanie Palomino, Administrative Assistant

Non-Voting Member

  • Kathleen Antokhin, Program Coordinator, Workforce Projects
  • Sharon Goldfarb, Dean of Health Sciences
  • Heather Rahman, Workforce Specialist