The Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) operates as a subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) to ensure faculty, staff and student involvement in the planning, design, construction, upkeep and use of College-owned facilities to foster student success.


  • Review and recommend facilities-related Board Policies and District Procedures.
  • Review and evaluate annual program review data.
  • Recommend facility capital renewal and replacement needs and priorities.
  • Recommend facility and scheduled maintenance needs and priorities.
  • Participate in the planning of any major Capital Facility Projects, five hundred thousand dollars and above, in accordance with District Procedures.
  • Deliberate and make recommendations in support of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee Timeline.
  • Ensure the creation of a Five Year Facilities Master Plan that includes facilities usage needs based on the Educational Master Plan.
  • Make recommendations to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee.
  • Monitor the creation of a long term scheduled maintenance & preventative maintenance program.


Two (2) faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
Two (2) classified staff appointed by the official appointing body for classified staff
Two (2) students appointed by the Student Senate
Two (2) managers appointed by the Superintendent/President
Vice President of College Operations and Finance will serve as a non-voting staff resource.
The Chair or Co-Chairs will be elected from the group.

2017-2018 Members

Chair, Klaus Christiansen 2017-2018
Stormy Miller 2017-2018

Jeff Cady 2017
Trevor Bjorklund 2016    

Classified Professionals
James Kuromiya 2016-2018
Vickie Lamke 2016-2018

David Zec 2017

Staff Resource
Maridel Barr 2011
Greg Nelson 
If you wish to contact this committee, please e-mail: facilities.planning@marin.edu