The Governance Review Council monitors and evaluates the governance process to ensure that:

  • the system’s processes are open and transparent;
  • governance committees adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Participatory Governance System Plan;
  • committees fulfill their charges effectively;
  • committee members regularly communicate with their constituent group;
  • recommendations are consistent with the mission of the College; and
  • the College actively maintains its participatory governance system.


The Governance Review Council shall:

  • review and recommend new or revised governance-related Board Policies and Administrative Procedures;
  • conduct an evaluation of the governance system annually or more frequently when deemed necessary by two of the three senates or the Board of Trustees;
  • serve as an adjudicating body for any issues having to do with the governance process. All recommendations will be written, justified and distributed to the College Council;
  • establish appropriate timelines to complete tasks and make recommendations; and
  • recommend to College Council changes and revisions to the Participatory Governance System that are based on evaluation process and recommendations from governance groups consistent with current laws and regulations.
  • ensure that each committee’s charge reflects the clear delineation between governance and management and separates the functions of planning and recommendations from operational activities; 
  • maintain contact with committee chairs on an ongoing basis;
  • increase participatory governance visibility throughout the institution and actively work to engage new faculty and staff and especially students. GRC works with PRIE in:
    • preparing a Flex Week faculty and staff orientation and training
    • assisting in a PGS orientation to all new employees and training to committee members, especially chairs and co-chairs
    • publishing PGS articles or information in the President’s Weekly Briefing
    • maintaining PGS web pages and keeping online meeting calendar up to date
    • ensuring that each committee’s staff resource posts meeting minutes on the district website
    • providing a GRC point person to speak to committees each fall on the committee’s charge, issues, recommendations, and expectations
    • tracking and reporting committee activities and assisting in filling vacant committee seats


  • 2 faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 2 classified staff appointed by the Classified Professional Liaison Committee (CPLC)
  • 2 students appointed by the Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM)
  • 2 Administrators appointed by the superintendent/president
  • The chair or co-chairs will be elected from the group.

2020-2021 Members

Faculty Members
Sara McKinnon (Chair) (appointed Fall 2019)
Steve Carrera (appointed Spring 2020)

Classified Professionals
Candice Hansen (appointed Fal 2020)
Jon Gudmundsson (appointed Fall 2017)

Ryan Nelson (appointed Fall 2020)

John Campbell, Manager of the Organic Farm and Garden (appointed Spring 2021)
Angela Olmanson, Program Administrator of Health Sciences (appointed Fall 2016)

Staff Resources