The Instructional Equipment Committee (IEC) operates as a subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee to ensure faculty, staff and student involvement in recommending allocations for instructional equipment. The Committee will make recommendations to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee regarding the specific instructional equipment allocations. Standard forms will be used and proposals will be elicited from every department. Requestors will send copies to the supervising Dean/Manager.


  1. Review and rank instructional equipment requests received from departments based on the following criteria:
    • Instructional improvement and supports the educational master plan. (Will the equipment upgrade the quality of instruction? ¬†Will it facilitate innovation and the application of state-of-the-art technology?)
    • Necessary to meet accreditation standards, and/or health and safety requirements.
    • Impact on enrollment. (Will we be able to accommodate or attract additional students?)
    • Interdisciplinary applications. (Can more than one discipline share the equipment?)
    • Number of students to be served.
    • New acquisition, replacement, age and obsolescence. (Are there funds available for new equipment? Replacements? How worn out or outdated is current equipment?)
    • Housing/maintenance. (Does the discipline have space for the equipment? Can it provide for its maintenance?)
    • Current equipment budget. (Disciplines with no significant equipment funds in the current budget should receive greater consideration.)
    • Recency of funding. (When did the disciplines last acquire funding?)
  2. Based on committee review and ranking, recommend instructional equipment purchases to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee. Consult with other appropriate groups, if necessary.
  3. Develop, review and widely communicate timeline, guides, forms and decisions.
  4. Establish appropriate timelines to complete tasks and make recommendations.


Five (5) faculty of differing departments, appointed by the Academic Senate
Two (2) classified professionals from the instructional area appointed by the Classified Senate
Two (2) students appointed by the Student Senate
One (1) administrator appointed by the Superintendent/President
Senior Vice President of Student Learning and Student Services will serve as non-voting Chair
The District Buyer will serve as a non-voting resource person


Elizabeth Pratt Ed.D, Chair (Non-Voting), since 2015/2016

Becky Brown, since 2016/2017
Jason Dunn, since 2016/2017
Lisa Morse, since 2016/2017
Ron Palmer, since 2011/2012

Classified Professionals
Aftab Enty, since 2016/2017


Greg Nelson, since 2016/2017

Staff Resources
Marc Woerlein, since 2016/2017