Supporting the College of Marin’s commitment to providing equitable opportunities for all members of our diverse community, the IDEA Committee makes recommendations, facilitates educational opportunities for cultural competence development, and informs the campus community about best practices and innovative methods to cultivate a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment at College of Marin (COM). This Committee will focus on initiatives rooted in social justice frameworks to build awareness, knowledge, and skills about issues of power, privilege, and oppression that affect the multiple identities at COM. These identities include, but are not limited to: race, national origin, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and/or ethnic background.

The IDEA Committee is advisory to the Superintendent/President and provides recommendations for consideration as they apply to significant College decisions and policies. 


  1. Review internal and external research and best practices to implement innovative methods for cultivating a safe, equitable and inclusive campus environment.
  2. Convene responsible parties working on equity-related efforts at the College to discuss alignment and actionable items to improve the COM environment for students and employees.
  3. Review and recommend equity, diversity, and inclusion-related policies for the District.
  4. Make recommendations to the Superintendent/President on equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the district with regard to ongoing activities and future direction.
  5. Educate and inform the college community on equity, diversity, and inclusion issues.


  • Four (4) faculty appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • Four (4) classified professionals appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • Two (2) students appointed by the Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM)
  • Two (2) administrators appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • The Chair or Co-chairs will be elected from the group.

2020–2021 Members


Teresa (Tea) Perales – Equity and Activities Coordinator
Sadika Sulaiman Hara – Director of Student Activities and Advocacy


Carol Hernandez
Sadika Sulaiman Hara

Classified Staff

Hugo Guillen
Teresa (Tea) Perales
Julian Solis


Dr. Yashica Crawford
Patricia (Patty) France
Colleen Mihal


Fernando Sanchez Lopez
Hellen Sigaran